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The material of the wooden chip card
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Wood is the most environmentally friendly raw material in the world

Nowadays, more and more consumers realize the beauty of nature and hope to introduce various elements of nature into their living environment, and wood has become a very popular choice.

However, there are still many decoration designers who don't understand wood and think that using wood is unenvironmentally friendly.

Then the following points will explain the performance characteristics of wood from a professional perspective: ‘Wood is the world’s most environmentally friendly raw material’.

Wood is a recyclable and renewable material. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly than other materials, such as chemically synthesized materials refined from petroleum.

Wood can absorb and store carbon. Growing trees need to absorb carbon dioxide, and more than 50% of the dry matter of trees is composed of carbon. Therefore, the production of wood into wood products such as panels, doors, windows, and furniture can help absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and at the same time alleviate the crisis of global warming. Through continuous regrowth of wood to absorb and effectively use carbon, American hardwood forests have made a huge contribution to the environment.

The energy consumption for the production and processing of wood is very low. In the production and processing of wood, it consumes less energy than other materials. The data shows that the energy required to produce one kilogram of dry wood is only half the energy required to produce the same amount of concrete. Compared with other materials such as steel, plastic, and aluminum, the thermal conductivity of wood is very low, so it is an excellent thermal insulation material. The insulation of 2.5cm thick wood exceeds that of 11.4cm thick brick wall.

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